Accolades for the CKMB

“I had the honor of coming to the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit [2015] this year. I flew in from out of state not feeling well. I almost completely lost my voice. My grandmother passed away as soon as I got to Texas and my friend that I met there decided to leave on Saturday morning and she’s the one that had the car. I was faced with several obstacles, but decided to get out of my comfort zone and attend the benefit dinner by myself and I am sure glad I did. I cannot tell you what that benefit did for me inside my soul. I’ve had a hard life and struggled for years not knowing who I was and when Chris died, I adopted his love for this Country and figured it out. He helps people everywhere, not just military veterans. Personally, I have never served in the Armed Forces but I wish I had. I have two sons serving and a cousin who is retired military. That did not even help me figure it out. I am a damn proud American and that is all I need to be. So, thank you and Deby for raising a couple of fine sons. I befriended Bruce Heckendorn and Bobby Henline while I was there, but really wanted to introduce myself to you and your family, but I could barely talk and you were really busy. I would love to be a sponsor next year and raise some money for the organization. I would also like to volunteer next year. Anything you need. Thank you for everything you do. Much respect, A.N.”

“We would like to thank you again for letting us be a part of the 2nd Annual Benefit for your dearest son Chris. We had a wonderful time and have high hopes that there will be more to come. I must say that Jeff has to be one of the nicest gentlemen and I know Chris is so proud of the wonderful and fantastic endeavors he has taken on. Your family means the world to us and if we can help out in any capacity, please do not hesitate to ask. We live out of state and would be so proud to help in any way we can. ‘May mercy and peace and love be multiplied to you.’  Jude 1:2 We certainly have plans to attend the benefit next year and please do not hesitate to ask for help! We love you all. You are loved… There is no small request even if it is simply to pray. D.G.”

Having just returned from Fort Worth Texas let me tell you what the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit means to me. It’s the super bowl, the World Series, The Kentucky Derby, and the Stanley Cup all rolled into one. It’s

Veterans Bowl. It’s Family, it’s Love, It’s renewed purpose and Meaning. It’s new goals. The first year I attended I was a guest I had just received my service Dog and this was one of my first road trips with Blitz. I wasn’t sure what to expect having only known Wayne and Deby about a year. I came down and was almost instantly amazed at several firsts for me. The first set of people that ever thanked me for my service Publicly, and an overwhelming sense of Comraderie with everyone there. Shortly after that first year, I remarked that what Chris had left was a Ministry. One of a Servants Heart. The Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit serves to Keep Chris Kyle’s memory and spirit alive and well in America so we never forget our hero’s. Chris will live on forever because this event also lives up to Chris’s motto of a servants heart. It’s our duty to serve those that serve us. Chris lived those words and found refuge in them for his battle weary heart and in that service to others he found strength. That spirit is contagious. I have been on the receiving end for several years and this year it’s my time to serve having found a veteran through this event that has the same exact disease as me. He is scared, his Drs. Don’t know what to do. Like the man that falls into the giant hole and can’t get out, I get to come by and over this mans objections jump in the hole but when he says great we’re both stuck I can say yea but I’ve been down here before and I know the way out. That is the very essence of the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit. Let’s all jump into those holes we have been in and show our veteran brothers and sisters the way out. This event has been a breeding ground for Servants Hearts. I know it has been touched by God’s own hand because against all the odds. I am still showing up even after the Doctors told me I would be gone. This event has changed my life, it’s renewed my hope. I have made friends I would walk through hell for and them for me. There just aren’t words.


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